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3000+ Truck Drivers Urgently Needed In USA🇺🇸>>APPLY NOW

Truck drivers jobs in USA

The truck drivers provide an essential service to industrialized communities by transporting raw materials and finished product over land. The truck drivers are also responsible for inspecting  their vehicles for mechanical issues relating to safe operation.

There are three major types of truck driver which are:

Owner-operators are people who owns the trucks they drive and can also rent their trucks by contract with a trucking organization to take cargo for that organization using their own trucks, or they take loads for various organizations and are independently employed self employed entities. There are likewise ones that rent a truck from an organization and make installments on it to get it in two to five years.

Company drivers are individuals that work for a particular trucking company and drive trucks provided by their company.

Independent Owner-Operators are those who own their own authority to move goods and they also drive their own truck and possibly owning a small fleet anywhere from 1-10 trucks or as few as only 2 or 3 trucks.

Company drivers and owner operators can be in these categories.

Auto haulers work moving cars on specially built trailers and it require specific skills in loading and operating this type of specialized trailer.

Boat haulers work hauling boats ranging in size from 10-foot-long (3.0 m) bass boats to full-size yachts up to 60 ft long (18 m) by making use of a specialized low boy trailer which can be set up for each size of boat.

Dry van drivers pull the majority of goods over highways in large trailers. Contents could be perishable or non perishable goods.


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