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Technician Jobs Available in Singapore 🇸🇬

A technician is an employee in a field of technology who is capable in the relevant skill and technique, with a comparativelypractical understanding of the theoretic principles.

The technical meaning of maintenance involves efficientchecks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary devices, tools, machinery, house infrastructure, and supportive utilities in industrial, business, residential and governmental installations.Over time, this has now come to include multiple wordings that best describe various cost-effective practices to keep equipment in use these activities take place either before or after a mal-function

Maintenance is sternly connected to the application stage of the product or procedural system, in which the conceptionof maintainability must be included. In such scenario, maintainability is considered as the ability of an element which isunder stated conditions of use, to be retained in or repaired to a state in which it can perform its mandatory functions, using theprescribed procedures and resources.

In some domains like plane maintenance, words like maintenance, repair and overhaul which also include rebuilding, inspection, alteration and the supply of emergency parts, equipment, raw materials, sealants, adhesives, coatings and consumables for theaircraft maintenance at the application stage.

Types of maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a routine for occasional inspection with the goal of noticing small hitches and fixing them before major ones develop

Planned maintenance is an arranged service visit carried out by an experienced and suitable agent, to ensure that a part of an equipment is operating correctly and to consequently avoid any unscheduled breakdown and stoppage.



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