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Apply For MARKETING SPECIALIST Job In Alexandria, Virginia- USA🇺🇸

The Marketing Specialists responsibility will be execution, creation, and effectiveness of marketing activities to maximize recruitment advertising revenue and to meet organization objectives and goals. He/She will have a demonstrated track record of executing high-impact and fully integrated product and also persona marketing campaigns to achieve organization goals and objectives and drive revenue. The marketing experts will have to manage campaigns from conception through completion using a project management approach, also guaranteeing effective utilization of all team achievement and resources of project goals within a particular timelines.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage the planning, development and improvement, and execution of outbound marketing activities to support job seeker business and job poster business.
  • Produce marketing campaign assets, creating landing pages and emails, and paid Ads programs and social media.
  • All the campaign components including e-mails would be tracked, print ads, banner ads, and other assets, social media efforts, landing pages, adjusting the campaign as necessary to meet objective and goals. etc

Are you all looking to expand your marketing career Just across multiple elements of the marketing mix and also across multiple geographical markets within a very growing, global organisation? Do you also crave variety whilst wearing numbers of different ‘hats’ for different stakeholders just to help build successful programs and also enable sales teams at a certain regional level? Have you exhibited creativity when trying to develop new ways to reach your target markets? Do you have a also have passions for data analytics? Are you results-oriented with eagerness to see the impact and ROI for your efforts? Have you got the tenacity to create and also qualify active opportunities just to build the pipeline? Are you digitally savvy with panache for technologies? If this certainly describes you and how you have approach your goals, then International Marketing Specialist opportunity is surely the one that you should look upto


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